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Produced and post produced a variety of brand creative for a sneaker designed for healthcare professionals, including: photography production and retouching, socially-focused video and still content, animated and GIF content:


Photographer: Bre Furlong

Cinematographer: Rick Cook

Clove SuperCush

Clove released a new model of shoe (first in years!), and I was in charge of producing a variety of social and ad assets to take advantage of on-figure photography with real healthcare professionals, product-focused key images for advertising, and e-commerce images, as well as an influencer shoot for a product launch with about a month of turnaround time. 

Artboard 22.png
Artboard 25.png
Artboard 11.png
Artboard 18.png

Photographer: Bre Furlong

Art Director: Kayla Norris

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